PalletOps Services

Leverage our team of experts to complement and enhance your team for all your automation project, by taking advantage of the range of consulting and training services we offer, and get your team up to speed and on the path to success.

Proof of Concept Services

If you are a looking to evaluate Pallet as a solution for your automation needs, this offering is for you. PalletOps engineers will work with your team to build a Proof of Concept (PoC) to help you verify how Pallet products fit with your infrastructure and goals.

Typically, PoC services involve:

  • Basic training for the team: A PalletOps engineer will lead an online training session covering the architecture and features Pallet, followed by an introduction to its programming model.
  • Joint Architecture Overview & Planning: A PalletOps engineer will participate in the setting of the goals for the PoC, and scoping, architecting and planing its development.
  • Joint or Sole Development of the PoC: At this point we can either develop the PoC project on your behalf, or become part of a joint team to develop it.
  • Demo and Q&A: The final step is to review that the project has met all the PoC goals, and answer any question that you might have about it.

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Launch Pad Services

Once you are a Pallet user, or considering to be one, we can help your organization achieve a speedy adoption of Pallet. The Launch Pad program combines training, advice, support and review in order to significantly shorten the time it will take your team to be fully productive. Once you engage with our Launch Pad service we will, for the next 3 months, provide your team with:

  • Training: a PalletOps engineer will lead an online training session with your team, covering Pallet usage and customization.
  • Architecture Review & Planning: a PalletOps engineer will participate in a launchpad call to discuss the scope of the project to provide guidance and help identify potential roadblocks.
  • Development Support: Your team will have priority access to our Support services for both development questions and bug fixes.
  • Architecture Follow-Up: Once a month after the project is started a PalletOps engineer will review the project progress with your team, provide guidance on design issues and identify potential problems.

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PalletOps consultants can be a key resource for you in any phase of your development. Quickly avoid roadblocks by getting help with overall architectural concerns, automation schemes, cloud integration, service automation and IT integration.

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  • Introduction to Functional Programming & Clojure is an optional course for teams that are not familiar with functional programming in general and Clojure in particular.
  • Programming Pallet covers all what is needed to be self-sufficient in using Pallet, from the basics of creating configuration using existing crates to creating your own crates to automate your proprietary services. This course is hands, interleaving lectures with practical exercises.

Contact us for more information on our on-line and on-site training sessions.