Ritz-repl-utils 0.4.2-SNAPSHOT API documentation

Library of functions useful in clojure development environments

Logging for swank. Rudimentary for now

Arglists for symbols and sexps

Provides Java classpath and (compiled) Clojure namespace browsing. Scans the classpath for all class files, and provides functions for categorizing them. Classes are resolved on the start-up classpath only. Calls to 'add-classpath', etc are not considered.

Class information is built as a list of maps of the following keys: :name Java class or Clojure namespace name :loc Classpath entry (directory or jar) on which the class is located :file Path of the class file, relative to :loc

Util functions for compilation and evaluation.

Ritz reloading of namespaces checks :defonce metadata. This ensures the metadata gets set by clojure.core/defonce.

Provides a version of defprotocol that only redefines it's interface when the signatures change

Formatting utils

Some helpers

io for reading clojure files

Java introspection

Utils for system introspection

Provide function tracing