The session is used to hold state and context for the duration of a call to the lift or converge operations.

The settings, envrionment and results are all maintained in the session. The session also provides crates with access to the current node and other details.

Access in crates

To access the information in the session, use the functions in pallet.crate.

Internal details

The session has some well defined keys. You should not have to access the session map directly.

:group-spec : The group-spec for the current node

:server : The server describing the current node

:all-nodes : The jclouds node objects for all nodes in the provider

:parameters : The parameters used for cross-crate configuration

:results : the result of executing a converge or lift

:compute : The compute service

:blobstore : The blobstore service

:user : The admin user to use on the nodes

:invocations : the invocation list of resources to run on each node

:cmds : merged invocation functions