FAQ Using AWS with the jclouds provider

How do I run a node on an availability zone or region outside of us-east-1?

To run a node outside of us-east-1, you will need to specify a :location-id in your node-spec. You will also need to ensure that your AMI is available in the specified location.

:image {:image-id "us-east-1/ami-1aad5273"}
:location {:location-id "us-east-1a"}

How do I run a node in a VPC?

To run a node inside a VPC, you will need to specify a :subnet-id in your node-spec.

:location {:subnet-id "subxxxx"}

Why does it take 20mins to list images?

When jclouds starts, it requests a list of images from the provider. On AWS, this list is very long. If you have DEBUG level logging to the console for jclouds.wire, then this takes a very long time. The solutions is to set the log level for jclouds.wire to INFO or WARN.

How can I make jclouds see my AMIs?

Since AWS has a very long list of images, jclouds filters the image lists by owner in order to improve performance. You can add your owner id to the list of owners it uses, by specifying it in your service configuration in ~/.pallet/config.clj or ~/.pallet/services/*, or when calling pallet.compute/compute-service.

:jclouds.ec2.ami-query "owner-id=137112412989"

How do I run my node in previously existing security groups?

:network {:security-groups ["my-security-group"]}

How do I turn on Cloudwatch Monitoring when creating a node?

:qos {:enable-monitoring true}

See also Image Filters.

How can I tell jclouds which credentials to use on bootstrap?

Normally jclouds can find the login credentials based on the information provided in the AMI image. For less frequently used images, it sometimes fails to determine the image's login credentials, and you have to supply the relevant information in the template.

(node-spec .... :image {... :override-login-user "ubuntu"})

Simple options here are :override-login-user, :override-login-password, :override-login-private-key, and :override-authenticate-sudo.

Alternatively, you can pass a org.jclouds.domain.LoginCredentials object with :override-login-credentials to set all of the above at once. See org.jclouds.domain.LoginCredentials/builder to construct an instance.

How can I mount EBS volumes?

EBS volumes can be mounted using the :block-device-mappings argument in your node-spec under the :hardware key. The argument is a sequence of jcloud's BlockDeviceMapping objects. At the moment, there is no clojure wrapper for creating these, but you can use the following jcloud's constructors, which are static classes nested in org.jclouds.ec2.domain.BlockDeviceMapping:

new MapEBSSnapshotToDevice(deviceName, snapshotId, sizeInGib,
new MapNewVolumeToDevice(deviceName, sizeInGib, deleteOnTermination)
new MapEphemeralDeviceToDevice(deviceName, virtualName)
new UnmapDeviceNamed(deviceName)

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