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A pallet crate to install and configure leiningen.


To add leiningen to a server-spec or a group-spec:

(require '[pallet.crate.lein :as lein])
(server-spec :extends (lein/leiningen {}))

Options are:

:dir directory to install the lein script. Defaults to /usr/local/bin

:exec-name name to use for the script. Defaults to lein.

:version version of leiningen to install. Should be a tag in the leiningen repository. Defaults to stable.

The crate provides a lein function, to execute lein with arguments.

Dependency Information

:dependencies [[com.palletops/lein-crate "0.8.0-alpha.1"]]


PalletCrate VersionRepoGroupId
0.8.0-beta.1 0.8.0-alpha.1 clojars com.palletops Release Notes Source