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A pallet crate to install and control applications.


The server-spec function provides an easy way to deploy and control an application. It takes a map of options specifying the application artifact sources and destinations, etc. The name of the service for the application, and the install directory under :app-root are both taken from the :instance-id keyword.

The options are as described in the settings function.

The deploy phase deploys using the first defined deploy method by default, but can be passed an argument to specify the artifact source, as either :from-lein or :from-maven-repo.

To control the application, start, stop and restart phases are defined, as well as instacnce specific start-<instance-id>, stop-<instance-id> and restart-<instance-id>.

The default supervision is with runit.

Dependency Information

:dependencies [[com.palletops/app-deploy-crate "0.8.0-alpha.1"]]


PalletCrate VersionRepoGroupId
0.8.0-beta.9 0.8.0-alpha.1 clojars com.palletops Release Notes Source