pallet.action.service documentation

Service control.


[session service-name & {:keys [action url local-file remote-file link content literal template values md5 md5-url force], :or {action :create}, :as options}]

Install an init script. Sources as for remote-file.



Path to the specified init script


[session service-name & {:keys [action if-flag if-stopped], :or {action :start}, :as options}]

Control services.

  • :action accepts either startstop, restart, enable or disable keywords.
  • :if-flag makes start, stop, and restart confitional on the specified flag as set, for example, by remote-file :flag-on-changed
  • :sequence-start a sequence of [sequence-number level level ...], where sequence number determines the order in which services are started within a level.


[session service-name & body]

Stop the given service, execute the body, and then restart.