pallet.action.remote-directory documentation

Action to specify the content of a remote directory. At present the content can come from a downloaded tar or zip file.


[session path & {:keys [action url local-file remote-file unpack tar-options unzip-options jar-options strip-components md5 md5-url owner group recursive force-overwrite local-file-options], :or {action :create, tar-options "xz", unzip-options "-o", jar-options "xf", strip-components 1, recursive true}, :as options}]

Specify the contents of remote directory.

Options: - :url - a url to download content from - :unpack - how download should be extracts (default :tar) - :tar-options - options to pass to tar (default "xz") - :unzip-options - options to pass to unzip (default "-o") - :jar-options - options to pass to unzip (default "xf") jar does not support stripping path components - :strip-components - number of path compnents to remove when unpacking - :md5 - md5 of file to unpack - :md5-url - url of md5 file for file to unpack

Ownership options: - :owner - owner of files - :group - group of files - :recursive - flag to recursively set owner and group

To install the content of an url pointing at a tar file, specify the :url option. (remote-directory session path :url "")

If there is an md5 url with the tar file's md5, you can specify that as well, to prevent unecessary downloads and verify the content. (remote-directory session path :url "" :md5-url "")

To install the content of an url pointing at a zip file, specify the :url option and :unpack :unzip. (remote-directory session path :url "" :unpack :unzip)