A directory manipulation action, to create and remove directories with given ownership and mode.


[path {:keys [owner group mode recursive], :as opts}]

Script to set the ownership and mode of a directory.


[session paths & options]

Directory management of multiple directories with the same owner/group/permissions.

options are as for directory and are applied to each directory in paths


[session dir-path & {:keys [action recursive force path mode verbose owner group], :or {action :create, recursive true, force true, path true}, :as options}]

Directory management.

For :create and :touch, all components of path are effected.

Options are: - :action One of :create, :touch, :delete - :recursive Flag for recursive delete - :force Flag for forced delete - :path flag to create all path elements - :owner set owner - :group set group - :mode set mode


[dir-path & {:keys [path verbose mode recursive], :as opts}]

Script to create a directory.