What better way to start this blog, than by announcing the latest release of Pallet. Perhaps the biggest news around this release is that the pallet community is growing rapidly, and the 0.3.0 release has seen great input from many contributors. I really appreciate all the ideas and contributions!

A particular shout out to David Santiago and Charles Duffy. David has contributed a new Postgres crate, and has put together a cake plugin for pallet. Charles has much improved the bash hashlib used to propogate state during lifts on a node.

Chas Emerick has been promoting Pallet as part of his talk at the first clojure-conj conference, and followed that up with a blog post and project code. The post has an fantastic screen cast on using pallet together with Hudson.

Toni Batchelli (aka disclojure) has given a couple of talks: a great technical introduction, and a slightly higher level overview. He has also vastly improved the pallet examples.

Finally, Adrian Cole of jclouds, the foundation of pallet, has been lavish in his support, even giving a workshop on pallet at Øredev in Sweden!

What's new

Some highlights from the release notes.

  • Added ~/.pallet/config.clj as a way of configuring your credentials, and the default admin user. The admin user can also be configured in project code in the pallet.config namespace.
  • Added a "node-list" provider, which simplifies working with pre-existing vms and servers that are not managed through a cloud.
  • Added a tomcat task, that can provide a near zero config way of deploying a war file.
  • cent-os and amzn-linux support are vastly improved.

Look out for more, in-depth, posts on the new features.

Looking ahead

One of the first things we will be doing in the 0.4.0-SNAPSHOT is splitting out the crates into a separate repository. Hopefully this will be the first step in creating an ecosystem of pallet crates. Stay tuned for further posts on this.

Trying it

The release is available on clojars.

Both #pallet on freenode IRC, which is a bustling place these days, and the mailing list are great places to ask, should you have any questions.