The documentation on Pallet has been lagging behind its code base. This was partially due to a high rate of change, and to our focus on the platform itself.

Today, we are happy to announce a new documentation infrastructure that is the base for this documentation overhaul: a collaboratively edited website for Pallet. This infrastructure will make creating and adding manuals, development tips, FAQs and how-tos very easy for everyone. We are also committed to leading this effort by creating the bulk of the documentation. We welcome any help.

As part of this effort we are:

  • Building this website with a setup that allows it to be collaboratively edited via GitHub and using Markdown.

  • Making the canonical documentation repository for Pallet. On this note, we are also removing any other documentation that we have outside this site to ensure that everyone is accessing this most up-to-date version.

  • Finally, we are creating RSS feeds for news, documentation updates and events so that you can keep track of what is new in Pallet-land.

This effort is iterative and we will be adding new features to this site every few days in the upcoming weeks. You can follow these updates in our News page or by subscribing to either our News RSS feed or our General RSS feed.

We welcome any feedback and help in this effort. Stay tuned for instructions on how you can help!